Sewer Services

Sewer and drain problems such as clogs or back-ups are a homeowner's worst nightmare – call Plumbing by Spellman and we'll quickly get your system cleaned out. If you experience frequent issues, our expert technicians can do a camera inspection to diagnose the problem. Many homes in Emporia have aging sewer lines that have become crushed, cracked, or invaded by tree roots. Rest assured that we can tackle any sewer or drain problem, and our team will recommend the right solution to protect your home.


Sewer Services

  • Installation of outside cleanouts
  • Installation and service of sewer backwater valves
  • Installation of septic / holding tanks
  • Private wastewater sewage disposal systems / drip line/ mound system
  • Trenchless sewer replacement
    • pipe bursting
    • pipe lining
  • Sewer pipeline liners and spot repair
  • Sewer repair and replacement
  • Sewer main repair
  • Whole house drain re-pipe
  • Sewer camera inspection and locating

Sewage Lift Pump

  • New installation and replacement

Drain Cleaning

  • High-speed drain cleaning
  • Conventional drain cleaning
  • Jet rodding for smaller drain lines up to 6"
  • Sewer and drain line maintenance
  • Biosmart dealer
  • Camera and video


  • Trenching and backhoe service


  • New construction residential and commercial
  • Remodel residential and commercial

Need to replace your old sewer line?

Go Trenchless

Trenchless technology repairs pipes from the inside, with no need to dig an expensive trench. It's a fast, less invasive way to completely replace sewer lines that are crushed, cracked, or clogged. Get new, long-lasting pipes with minimal digging.